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Fetch data from different urls using the same collection in backbone js

I have a collection which has to call 4 external apis Eg:,, and

I have a Collection named Todos.js. Is there a way I can fetch the 4 apis together in a single collection since all the four apis would provide me the same model response
So the response I get from the 4 apis has the same data structure i.e. "name" and "link".

Is there a way I can append all the responses in the same collection? What is the best way to achieve this?

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I think the way is to override fetch, where you make the Ajax call to each of the APIs. Store the returned partial sets in a temporary array, and when all 4 are complete, create the collection using this.reset. (You could use JQuery's Deferred I suppose, or just keep an internal count of how many calls have returned.)

Something like this:

var Collection = Backbone.Collection.extend({

    fetch: function() {
        this.completeCount = 0;
        this.errorCount = 0;
        this.temp = [];
        this.urls = [ 'url1', 'url2', 'url3', 'url4' ];
        var self = this;

        // make a $.get call for each URL and add
        _.each(this.urls, function(url) {
            $.get(url, { success: function(data) {
                console.log("Got partial collection from " + url);

                // alternatively, just call "self.add(data);" here

            }, error: function(response) {
                console.log("Oops, the Ajax call failed for some reason... ignoring");
                self.completeCount ++;
                self.errorCount ++;
            } });

    // add a JSON array that contains a subset of the collection
    addPartial: function(data) {
        this.completeCount ++;
        var self = this;    

        // add each item to temp
        _.each(data, function(item) {

        // if all have been received, then create the collection
        if (this.completeCount == this.urls.length) {

Here's a Fiddle where I replaced $.get with a method that just returns dummy data after a short delay.

Response to comment

Adding the responses to the collection as they come in is probably better (it's easier anyway). Here's an updated Fiddle.

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