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MySQL Question

MySQL - Find points​ within radius from database

I have a table which has a

column containing the latitude and longitude of various locations.

I then also have a users location from geo-location in the browser.

What I need to be able to do is find all records from the table where the
value in the is within a 10 km radius (or X km radius), ordered by distance with the closest first.

My table has a
index on the

Answer Source

I'm currently working on a project where I'm calculating distances between multiple locations. I'm using the following query for selecting object_id's which are within a given radius.

( 6371 * 
        COS( RADIANS( db_latitude ) ) * 
        COS( RADIANS( $user_latitude ) ) * 
        COS( RADIANS( $user_longitude ) - 
        RADIANS( db_longitude ) ) + 
        SIN( RADIANS( db_latitude ) ) * 
        SIN( RADIANS( $user_latitude) ) 
AS distance FROM the_table HAVING distance <= $the_radius ORDER BY distance ASC"

I can't explain the ACOS formula itself because I got it from research.

db_latitude = database latitude field
db_longitude = database longitude field
$user_latitude = browser latitude coördinate
$user_longitude = browser longitude coördinate
$the_radius = the radius that you want to search in

This is in kilometers.

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