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Python Question

How to position a borderless window in Kivy

I was making an app with Kivy in python, and to make things a tad more stylish, I thought I could remove the border on the window and create by own:

from kivy.config import Config
from kivy.core.window import Window
Window.size = (900,550)
Window.borderless = True

However the border less window will pop up in the very bottom left corner of my screen. Is there anyway I can position the window so its in the middle of my screen?

If I can't do that, then is there a way to remove the rounded corners on a window?

(I am doing this on a Mac OSX Yosemite)

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from kivy.config import Config

at the top of your file before anything else. Just the core(Window) will remain.



the same condition applies for all Config.set().

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