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Use array results from database as php variables

The application I'm building requires some users to be linked to eachother.

There will be users and mentors. The database field "mentor_link" has a value. This value determines which users the mentor is linked to.

What I'm trying to do is search the database for the users with a certain "mentor_link" value and save their usernames as php variables to be used later.

Using json_encode() AND print_r simply displays something that looks like this:


What I'm looking for is to target each username and save it as a variable. For example: $user1 = dave; $user2 = ely; etc etc.

All the other examples I've found only allow me to display it the same way as above.

My code is as follows:

$stmt = $user_home->runQuery("SELECT userName FROM tbl_users WHERE mentor_link=101");

$result = $stmt->fetchAll();
echo json_encode($result);

The database is connected fine and I'm able to pull single values based on the users details but I can't figure out how to get info on other users and display it/save it as a variable.

Oh and I'm using PDO to connect to the database.

Answer Source

After this line:

$result = $stmt->fetchAll();

You can do anything with that data



$user1 = $result[0]; 
$user2 = $result[1];


echo $user1['userName'];//dave
echo $user2['userName'];//ely
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