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CSS not loading in Firefox or IE. Works in Chrome

Let me preface this by saying that I am new to CSS and basic web development. With that being said... I've created a simple church directory in which I edited the CSS to change one of the default Map Markers to one of my own. The issue that I am having is that the Map marker is displayed correctly on Chrome and Safari but not Firefox IE or Edge.

PW godislove


Theme Name: Listify Child
Theme URI:
Template: listify
Version: 1.0
.map-marker-info .rating,
.star-rating-wrapper {
display: none !important;
} .job_listing-entry-footer {
display: none;
content: url(;

content: url(;
content: url(;

Answer Source

The problem is with the use of the content property on regular elements. Use instead the background property, which will have better cross-browser support.

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