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Node.js: image resizing without ImageMagick

I'm developing a web app on Node.js (+ express 4) where users can set their profile image by uploading it to the server. We already limit the file mimetype and max filesize, so the user can't upload more than 200KB png or jpeg images.

The problem is we'd like to resize (serverside) the uploaded image resolution to 200x200 to improve page loading and saving space on disk. After some research, all answers pointed to using any module based on ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick.

However, having to install ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick to do a simple image resizing seems too overkill for me, so, is there any other solution other than this for Node.js?

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I have recently started developing an image processing module for NodeJS without any runtime dependencies (read why). It's still at early stages, but already usable.

What you are asking for would be done as follows:

image.resize(200, 200, function(err, image){
    // encode resized image to jpeg and get a Buffer object
    image.toBuffer('jpg', function(err, buffer){
        // save buffer to disk / send over network / etc.

More info at the module's Github repo.

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