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Node.js Question

typescript import doesn't work

I'm trying to solve this problem is already more than 6-8 hours.
I think one of the problems is my english. =)

I use atom editor, electron, typescript, react


"compilerOptions": {
"target": "es5",
"module": "commonjs",
"moduleResolution": "node",
"isolatedModules": false,
"jsx": "react",
"experimentalDecorators": true,
"emitDecoratorMetadata": true,
"declaration": false,
"noImplicitAny": false,
"noImplicitUseStrict": false,
"removeComments": true,
"noLib": false,
"preserveConstEnums": true,
"suppressImplicitAnyIndexErrors": true
"exclude": [
"compileOnSave": true,
"buildOnSave": false,
"atom": {
"rewriteTsconfig": false


import {hello} from "./func";


export function hello(name: string){
console.log(`Hello, ${name}`);

Start electron and get error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token import

then, create file react-test.ts:

import * as React from "react";

get error in atom editor:

Cannot find module 'react'

I do not want more theory. There is a specific example. Please help me to solve it. By the way I did not have any problem with babel =)

Update #1:

Electron run command:

npm start

Project on github


First you need to transpile TypeScript to JavaScript with tsc command and in index.html file require app.js instead app.ts. Then run Electron with npm start