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alternate of spsolve and spdiag in matlab/octave

I have a python code which I am trying to convert to Matlab code. The code is for baseline correction for a wave.

def baseline_als(y, lam, p, niter=20):
L = len(y)
D = sparse.csc_matrix(np.diff(np.eye(L), 2))
w = np.ones(L)
for i in xrange(niter):
W = sparse.spdiags(w, 0, L, L)
Z = W + lam * D.dot(D.transpose())
z = spsolve(Z, w*y)
w = p * (y > z) + (1-p) * (y < z)
return z

I have tried it converting like this.

function [z] = baseline_als(y, lam, p, niter=20)
L = len(y)
D = sparse.csc_matrix(diff(eye(L), 2))
w = ones(L)
for i = 1:niter
W = sparse.spdiags(w, 0, L, L) %Not working
Z = W + lam * dot(D,transpose(D))
z = spsolve(Z, w*y) % Not working
w = p * (y > z) + (1-p) * (y < z)
end % End of For loop
end % End of function

However there are no functions named
in octave/matlab. Is there any alternate function that I can use?

Answer Source

Its quite easy if you know what spsolve does. Lets focus on that, as spidiag seems easier to solve, doesn't it?

spsolve "Solve the sparse linear system Ax=b, where b may be a vector or a matrix."

This is exactly what MATLABs\ or mldivide does, it solves a system of Ax=b, for x. Happily for you, MATLAB can deal with both sparse and dense matrix with the same function, thus the change shoudl be as easy as:


z = spsolve(Z, w*y)


z= Z\(w*y);
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