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Android Question

How to kill a particular activity?

When my android app is started, main activity is launched. It displays a full screen image for 5 seconds, and then it jumps to another activity using intent. What i want is to kill the main activity, so that when user presses the back button of navigation bar, instead of opening main activity, the app gets closed.

One more thing:- i don't want to keep on destroying previous activities. I just want to kill that one activity(namely main activity), just after the intent is sent to new activity, Because i will be adding more activities.

We can say that my true purpose is destruction of main activity, and making the next activity(out of all other activities) as a activity through which the app can be leaved using back button of navigation bar.

I am not able to properly explain my problem in words, but please try to figure out my problem what what all i have mentioned.


In your MainAcitivity ,call the second activity like this:

Intent intent=new Intent(this,<your second activity.class>;