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Ajax Question

Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null in AJAX Call

I have looked through about 30 different articles about this error on this site and have not found the answer I need.

I am getting the dreaded

Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null
message when I click a cell in my
table i created. I have checked the order of the page load to make sure that the JS is below the html tags.
I think is may have to do with using a variable name in the

Here is my code I am using (sorry for the noobish style of coding):

<table border=1>
<tr><td colspan="11"><center><h2>Away Team</h2></center></td></tr>
//Rows = j
echo "<tr>";
//Columns = i
for($i=-1;$i<=$COLMAX-1;$i++) {
if($i == -1 && $j == -1){
echo "<th class='header-cols'></th>"; }
elseif($i == -1 && $j >= 0){
echo "<th class='header-rows'><h1>$j</h1></th>";
echo "<th class='header-cols'><h1>$i</h1></th>";
else {
$sql = "SELECT name FROM picks WHERE col=$i AND row=$j LIMIT 1";
$data = $conn->query($sql);
$currName = $rows['name'];
$cellStatus = $rows['status'];
echo "<td class='grid-cells'>
<div id='cell-$j-$i' class='$cellStatus' onclick='setCoords($j,$i);'>
<div class='grid-num'>" . (($i+1)+($j*$COLMAX)) . "</div>
<div class='grid-name-$j-$i'>$currName</div>
echo "</tr>";
} ?>
<form method="post" onSubmit="setSquare()">
<h3>Submit Your Picks:</h3>
<label for="name" class="ui-hidden-accessible">Name:</label>
<input type="text" name="name" id="nameid" placeholder="Name"><br />
<label for="email" class="ui-hidden-accessible">Email:</label>
<input type="text" name="email" id="emailid" placeholder="Email"><br />
<input type="submit" data-inline="true" id='submitbtn' class='btndisabled' value="Make Picks" disabled>
<div id='row-div'></div>
<div id='col-div'></div>

function setCoords(row_coords, col_coords){
var txt_name = document.getElementById("nameid").value;
var txt_email = document.getElementById("emailid").value;
if (txt_name != "" && txt_email != ""){
document.getElementById("cell-"+row_coords+"-"+col_coords).className = "picked";
setSquare(row_coords, col_coords);
document.getElementById("submitbtn").className = "btnenabled";
{ alert("Please fill in your name and email before making a pick"); }

function setSquare(row,col)
//get id vales from form
var name_id = document.getElementById("nameid").value;
var email_id = document.getElementById("emailid").value;
var row_id = row;
var col_id = col;
var gridname = "grid-name-"+row+"-"+col;
//run the ajax code here
if(name_id != ""){
xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
} else {
xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
if(this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
document.getElementById(gridname).innerHTML = this.responseText;

Answer Source

Spot the differences:

<div id='cell-$j-$i' class='$cellStatus' onclick='setCoords($j,$i);'>
     <div class='grid-name-$j-$i'>$currName</div>';

var gridname = "grid-name-"+row+"-"+col;
document.getElementById(gridname).innerHTML = this.responseText;

class is NOT an id, and will NOT be found by a getElementById() - note the ID part of that function name.

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