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Jscript to disable view picker on lookup doesn't work in CRM 2013

I am working with MS Dynamics CRM 2013 and I am facing with the next issue:
in CRM 2011 I disabled view and entity selection on lookup by using next jscript :

document.getElementById("lookup_id").setAttribute("disableViewPicker", "1");
document.getElementById("lookup_id").setAttribute("defaulttype", "1");
document.getElementById("lookup_id").setAttribute("lookuptypenames", "account:1:Account");
document.getElementById("lookup_id").setAttribute("lookuptypes", "1");

But after migration to Dynamics Crm 2013 this script doesn't work any more.

Can you help me with this issue. Thanks!

Answer Source

Try to add "_i" with attributeId e.g
contactid is your lookup attribute name, then you should pass like

document.getElementById("contactid_i").setAttribute("disableViewPicker", "1");
document.getElementById("contactid_i").setAttribute("defaulttype", "1");
document.getElementById("contactid_i").setAttribute("lookuptypes", "1");

In crm 2011 attribute input id is same as attribute name, but in crm 2013 attribute input id is attribute name plus "_i"(perhaps "_i" denotes an input).
I try this "_i" in masking and multipicker lists working perfect for 2013. Hope it helps in your case.

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