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jQuery Question

Validate form before submit jquery

I have a html form. i am validating my form using jquery.validate.js and it works on submit event. I want to validate this form before submit get fired.

As per my R&D i have tried :

alert('Before submit performed');

I want to validate form Just before firing submit event.
Can any one tell me how to do this?

Many Thanks,



You can mimic the default jQuery plugin behaviour as follows:

Test if the form is valid; if not prevent the default action from occurring using preventDefault():

.on('click', 'form button[type=submit]', function(e) {
    var isValid = $('form').isValid();
    if(!isValid) {
      e.preventDefault(); //prevent the default action

EDIT: this comes in handy if you want to fine-tune your validation test i.e. validating some controls conditionally.