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Swift Question

Does Swift init(count:, repeatedValue:) work?

Tested this from the reference:

var string = String(count: 5, repeatedValue: "a")
// string is "aaaaa"

I got this error:

Playground execution failed: error: :5:14: error: could not find an overload for 'init' that accepts the supplied arguments
var string = String(count: 5, repeatedValue: "a")

Does this actually work?

Answer Source

It seems that you have to explicitly pass in a Character type to it to function. This works for me.

let char = Character("a")
let string = String(count: 5, repeatedValue: char)

Although, there may be bug mixed in with all this as well. I believe the way you were doing this should have worked on its own. And I can't seem to get code completion on this initializer at all.

Edit: I'm going with bug. The following compiles just fine.

let array = Array(count: 5, repeatedValue: "a")
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