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Ajax Get is logged in console but won't print to page

Can someone point out the obvious as to why this response isn't printing to the page?

$.ajaxPrefilter( function (options) {
if (options.crossDomain && jQuery.support.cors) {
var http = (window.location.protocol === 'http:' ? 'http:' : 'https:');
contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
options.url = http + '//cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/' + options.url;
//options.url = "http://cors.corsproxy.io/url=" + options.url;

function (data) {
console.log("THE RESPONSE ", data);
}, 4000);



<div id="viewer"></div>


JSFiddle here shows that a JSON object is logged in the console.
I want to access the data in the response. I thought I'd start with just printing out the whole response to the "viewer" div but nothing appears there.

Answer Source

The reason nothing is rendered is because $.html() accepts a string to render as HTML, and you are providing an object.

If you want your object to be printed as a string, you can refactor to:


I think this will be really noisy, especially if the object is large. For debugging purposes, I think you are better off using the console.

Fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/0x3j7fk1/

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