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How to make a used variable not turn white in Webstorm

I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable the feature in WebStorm when a function is called the variable doesn't turn white. I've set the default color to green but when I call that function it turns white.

I've look around in the preference area but I'm kind of stuck now...Thanks

Example of the variable "Account" turning white:
Example of the variable "Account" turning white

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Go to Settings -> Editor -> Color & Fonts -> General.

On the right in Errors and Warnings find Unused symbol and uncheck the Foreground (and Effects if you don't want the unused variables to be underlined).

Note: if you are using one of the default Color Schemes, you will have to copy it to be able to edit it. Just press a Save As... button on the top of the same section.

Settings -> Editor -> Color & Fonts -> General

Warning: this will also affect unused parameters, functions, classes and private member declarations. But after checking the other question you asked it seems like that is what you want.