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C# Download data from huge list of urls

I have a huge list of web pages which display a status, which i need to check.
Some urls are within the same site, another set is located on another site.

Right now i'm trying to do this in a parallel way by using code like below, but i have the feeling that i'm causing too much overhead.

while(ListOfUrls.Count > 0){
Parallel.ForEach(ListOfUrls, url =>
WebClient webClient = new WebClient();
... run my checks here..

ListOfUrls = GetNewUrls.....

Can this be done with less overhead, and some more control over how many webclients and connections i use/reuse? So, that in the end the job can be done faster?

Answer Source

Parallel.ForEach is good for CPU-bound computational tasks, but it will unnecessary block pool threads for synchronous IO-bound calls like DownloadString in your case. You can improve the scalability of your code and reduce the number of threads it may use, by using DownloadStringTaskAsync and tasks instead:

// non-blocking async method
async Task<string> ProcessUrlAsync(string url)
    using (var webClient = new WebClient())
        string data = await webClient.DownloadStringTaskAsync(new Uri(url));
        // run checks here.. 
        return data;

// ...

if (ListOfUrls.Count > 0) {
    var tasks = new List<Task>();
    foreach (var url in ListOfUrls)

    Task.WaitAll(tasks.ToArray()); // blocking wait

    // could use await here and make this method async:
    // await Task.WhenAll(tasks.ToArray());
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