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Rails - devise and sidekiq routes

I am running a Rails 5.0.0 app with Ruby 2.3.1

Sidekiq is being used for background jobs and devise for authentication.

Sidekiq monitoring and devise are mounted in routes as follows:

devise_for :users, skip: [:sessions]
as :user do
get 'login' => 'devise/sessions#new', :as => :new_user_session
post 'login' => 'devise/sessions#create', :as => :user_session
delete 'logout' => 'devise/sessions#destroy', :as => :destroy_user_session

require 'sidekiq/web'
require 'sidekiq/cron/web'
#Sidekiq::Web.set :session_secret, Rails.application.secrets[:secret_key_base]
authenticate :user do
mount Sidekiq::Web => '/sidekiq'

But, accessing the sidekiq status page logs out the user.

The same code used to work fine with Rails 4.2.5

Answer Source

Try wrapping your mounting of Sidekiq under devise_scope, in the same way you're using its alias "as" in your devise_for route:

# Only allow authenticated users to get access
# to the Sidekiq web interface
devise_scope :user do
  authenticated :user do
    mount Sidekiq::Web => '/sidekiq'
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