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Code for temporary removal?

I know a 301 redirect is for a permanent change, and 302 is for a temporary change.

What code should I use when the page is offline for a number of weeks and in the mean time I am redirecting to the homepage? The page should be back up in a few weeks.

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If you want to redirect, it would be 302. If you don't want to redirect, you could send 503 Service unavailable and set a Retry-After header (which should hopefully prevent search engines from coming back before that time).

If you still want the end-user experience to be a redirect to the homepage, you might, with heavy heart, consider adding that to the content of your 503 error page with a meta refresh or something JavaScript based, and hope for the best in terms of what a search engine crawler makes of that.

Previous answers suggest that browsers might honour cache and expires headers set on a 301 response, but since that fails-unsafe, I wouldn't rely on it. (The standard says the response is "cacheable unless indicated otherwise"; its definition of 302 Found suggests a 302 that is explicitly cacheable might be cached, but it wouldn't be the first time browsers don't implement what could be read out of the letter of the RFCs.)

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