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orderBy number angular js

I have an array of objects...

var userObjects =[
{userName: bob,
age: "25",
gender: "m"
{userName: bill,
age: "15",
gender: "m"
{userName: jen,
age: "45",
gender: "f"

Now I have an ng-repeat in my HTML to iterate over this array of objects. I want it to sort the age:

<tr ng-repeat="user in userObjects | orderBy:-age">

In my JS I am converting my ages to intergers....

user.age= parseFloat(user.age);

Angular will not sort by age, I would expect to see...

bill, 15
bob, 25
jen, 45

But instead they are all over the place. What am I doing wrong?


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Try wrapping -age in single quotes, like '-age'