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Swift Question

How to embed a static struct in a Swift class?

I need to observe a Unicorn class (inherits from NSObject), but for business reasons, I cannot use a proper reactive framework to have observable properties.
I have to fallback to KVO (god help me).

To make things NOT "stringly-typed", I have an idea of introducing a static property called observableKeyPaths which would provide all the keyPaths that are actually KVO-observable for the Unicorn class...using dot notation.

Let's have an example. The Unicorn class has a property

that can be KVOed.
Then when I would be setting up my observer, I would want to reference the keypath like this:

unicornInstance.addObserver(self, forKeyPath: Unicorn.observableKeyPaths.status ...etc..)

I can come up with a struct like this:

struct UnicornObservableKeyPaths {

static let status = "status"

This struct can be referenced easily:


But how do I make this struct part of the class?
The following is not working for me:

class Unicorn {

dynamic private(set) var status: String

static let observableKeyPaths: UnicornObservableKeyPaths = UnicornObservableKeyPaths()


Any ideas? What am I missing here?
When I reference the static property..I can access this


but not the
static member of the struct..why?


You can't reference the static property because UnicornObservableKeyPaths() is an actual UnicornObservableKeyPaths and status is a static variable.

You can reference the struct itself using

static let observableKeyPaths = UnicornObservableKeyPaths.self
let _ = Unicorn.observableKeyPaths.status

You can just nest the struct inside of your class

class Unicorn : NSObject {
    dynamic private(set) var status: String = ""

    struct ObservableKeyPaths {

        static let status = "status"

Your observing example would look like this:

let unicornInstance = Unicorn()
unicornInstance.addObserver(self, forKeyPath: Unicorn.ObservableKeyPaths.status, options: [], context: nil)