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Areas Routing in MVC 4 with angularjs

Let me define my setup here. I have some areas like 1. AreaA 2. AreaB 3. AreaC and 4. AreaGeneral. in AreaGeneral I have one controller as home and GetData(paras) and it returns some data either in partial or full page form to angularjs. If I am using these two controller inside the AreaGeneral then its ok. but I want to provide the same controllers inside other Areas like in A, B, and AreaC, but there area and route are different. and more importantly when a user navigates to particular area say AreaB to access GetData(paras) controller then the url should be like .../AreaB/GetData instead of .../AreaGeneral/GetData and the route should work in other areas as well. Can someone guide me how to do this, Thanks.

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I used angular services in different MVC areas for that I used following way

if your project structure should be like following

       >AreaGeneral >controllername >GetData(function)

if your services like

 app.service("yourService", ["$http",function ($http) {
    this.GetData= function () {       
    var c = $http({
        method: "post", 
        data: "{}",
         dataType: "json"
    return c
} }])

if you are using inside AreaGeneral then url "../AreaGeneral/controllername/GetData" ok for that

but when use different area like AreaA

"../AreaGeneral/controllername/GetData" its search inside the AreaA so that you donot get result

Solution work for me like called function adding extra ../ as per root directory structure this way


then every time call getdata function it checks from root directory so this way you can use Getdata function in any area

Hope this help you.

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