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Javascript Question

Is there any way to make a function's return accessible via a property?

I'm a JS dev, experimenting with functional programming ideas, and I'm wondering if there's anyway to use chains for synchronous functions in the way the promise chains are written.

For example:

function square (num) {
return num * num;
let foo = 2
let a = square(foo) //=> 4
let b = square(square(foo)) //=> 16

Fair enough, but what I'd like to do (often to make code parsing easier) is to chain together those methods by passing that in as the first parameter of a chain. So that something like this would work:

let c = square(foo)
.square() //=> 256

Is there any way to do this with vanilla javascript, or is this something I'd have to modify the Function.prototype to do?

Answer Source

You might be interested in the Identity functor – it allows you to lift any function to operate on the Identity's value – eg, square and mult below. You get a chainable interface without having to touch native prototypes ^_^

const Identity = x => ({
  runIdentity: x,
  map: f => Identity(f(x))

const square = x => x * x

const mult = x => y => x * y

let result = Identity(2)
// 256000

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