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Javascript Question

Set option value with getElementsByName()

Having this fieldset:

<select name=death style="width: 120px">
<option value=Dead>[*died]
<option value=NotDead>[*alive]
<option value="" selected>-

i want to set the

i have tried without any success:

document.getElementsByName('death')[2].checked = 'true';
document.getElementsByName('death')[2].value = '-';

Same kind of code works fine for radio boxes, checked boxes or other inputs in the form. How to do it with the option select (which is not an input)?


[EDIT] of course, appropriate fieldset is:

<select name="death" style="width: 120px">
<option value="Dead">[*died]</option>
<option value="NotDead">[*alive]</option>
<option value="" selected>-</option>


Answer Source

It's a little bit unclear what you're asking. Are you simply asking to make the option at index 2 selected?

document.getElementsByName('death')[0].selectedIndex = 2;

Or, are you asking to change the value of option at index 2?

var d = document.getElementsByName('death')[0];
d.options[2].value = '-';
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