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MySQL Question

How to get the MySQL Server Only installer package?

I'm working on a small .Net project, I used in my project EntityFramework with MySQL server, i tried the official Full MySQL installer, but i need only the server from that package to reduce the size of my application installer, like that used in PHPMyAdmin Installer, please show me how/where find that.

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No minimal installation is available from MySQL's site. They used to have an essentials version, but it's unavailable for versions >5.1.

One solution to your case is to create your own installation - it's not very complicated. The process (in general) is to include bin,data,lib, and share folders from a clean installation, run mysqld --install, and copy your my.ini file (you may need to tweak with its data folder). This can give sometimes you an installation size of about 5 MB.

Another solution will be to use MariaDB as a MySQL alternative - their MSI is about 80 MB.

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