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Simple way to create multiple columns with one row from multiple rows sharing the same key in pandas

I'm trying to create a dataframe from vote data that is in the following format:

Hawaii,HI,2,1,15001,43,43,64865,Hillary Clinton,64
Hawaii,HI,2,1,15001,43,43,64865,Donald Trump,27
Hawaii,HI,2,1,15001,43,43,64865,Gary Johnson,4
Hawaii,HI,2,1,15001,43,43,64865,Jill Stein,4

I'd like to convert this data into a format like this:


Is there a simple way to take the
column as a key, then use the values from Percent where 'Hillary Clinton' or 'Donald Trump' etc.. are the values in
to fill the
etc columns?

Of course, a couple nested loops will do this. Hoping to find a nice way.

Answer Source

Use pivot_table and declare the index, columns, and values you want to get in your pivoted data:

df.pivot_table(index=['Name', 'StateCode', 'GeoStratum', 'CountyCode', 'fips', 'Precinct',
       'PrecinctReport', 'TotalVotes'], columns='FullName', values='VoteCount')

Eventually use reset_index to get the table you need and drop useless columns that can remain from this pivot.

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