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Python Question

How to comment out a block of Python code in Vim

I was wondering if there was any key mapping in Vim to allow me to indent certain lines of code (whether those lines have been selected in visual mode, or n lines above/below current cursor position).

So basically something that converts the following

def my_fun(x, y):
return x + y


#def my_fun(x, y):
# return x + y

I am okay with using either
for commenting out the relevant lines. Ideally, I would also like the same keymapping to uncomment the lines if the given lines have been commented out.

Answer Source

Step 1: Go to the the first column of the first line you want to comment.

Initial State

Step 2: Press: Ctrl+v and select the lines you want to comment:

Select lines

Step 3: Shift-I#space (Enter Insert-at-left mode, type chars to insert. The selection will disappear, but all lines within it will be modified after Step 4.)


Step 4: Esc


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