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jQuery Question

How to clear ajax response

I have an event from where i call an Ajax function. From that ajax function i want to return a string, But the problem is that function also called some other functions and return some value.

The problem is the ajax called page return the whole sting that is returned from each and every functions, i mean Inherited.

Ajax Event:

$(".close_some").on("click", function(){
$.get("close_some.php", { id : data_id, close_date_time : close_date_time }, function(response){
if(response === "success"){
alert('Some problem');


$col = someFunction($id); //this function also called another function where a return statement works
include_once "some_page.php";
echo 'success';


function someFunction($id){
$sql = "SELECT `demo` FROM `some_problems` WHERE id = '$id'";
return departmentName($dept_id);

Now when i see at the
its a long string, but i need only the
how can i remove other responses??

Thanks in Advance.

Answer Source

You can bufferize output of some_page.php using output control functions like this:

$col = someFunction($id);
include_once "some_page.php";
echo 'success';  
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