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Android Question

How to get contact list from ejabbered server

Hi i am able to connect and chat using ejabbered server. I followed this tutorial
for smack api and i am using

compile 'org.igniterealtime.smack:smack-android-extensions:4.1.0-alpha6'

i searched on internet for this but so far not able to get the list of online users from own server.
Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Answer Source

Finally i am able to get rid of this problem

in ContactModel.java class i added

Roster roster = RoosterConnection.mConnection.getRoster();
Collection<RosterEntry> entries = roster.getEntries();

here RoosterConnection.mConnection is XMPPTCPConnection In the version 4.1.0 method of getting Roster is bit changed. Hope it will be helpful for others. Here is the official documentation/ update-guide link

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