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angular 1 toaster not showing when i call on constructor

I am trying to use angular-toaster when any page is loaded.
Eg - i have two pages customer-add and customer-list, my requirement is to show toaster on customer list page when i add any new customer.

Here is my code: code in saveCustomer call back

this.$state.go('app.Customers', { Msg: d.Message });

Code in customer-list page:

<toaster-container toaster-options="{'position-class': 'toast-top-right', 'close-button':true}"></toaster-container>


static $inject=['toaster']
constructor( private toaster: any){
if (this.$stateParams.Msg !== null)
this.msgToClient = this.$stateParams.Msg;
this.toaster.pop('success', 'Success', this.msgToClient);

I am not seeing this message on customer-list page.
But i can see toaster messages in events like (click) . i tried many ways but no luck.

Answer Source

I've already encounter that problem. I know it's not elegant but I solved it this way:

    toaster.pop('success', 'Success', 'Page Load'); 
}, 100);

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