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Unknown type for lambda consumer parameter when using generic class

I have a similar code to the one below, and for some reason when I call a method that takes a

parameter with a lambda, the lambda parameter is of type
instead of
. That results in "Cannot resolve method" inside lambda if any method of
lambda param is called. This happens only when the method taking the consumer is in a generic class, however non of the generics are participating in that consumer-taking method.

public class Creator<T> {

private T something;

private Consumer<BigDecimal> consumer;

public Creator(T something) {
this.something = something;

public void create(Consumer<BigDecimal> consumer) {
this.consumer = consumer;


public class Processor {
public void process(Creator creator) {
creator.create(big -> big.abs());
^^^^^-------------------- Cannot resolve method

If I remove generic param
from Creator class, it works, even though the generics do not touch the

What's wrong with this?

Answer Source
public void process(Creator creator) {

In this line, you use Creator as a raw type, which basically destroys type inference.

Write, at the very least,

public void process(Creator<?> creator) {
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