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How do I get the Controller and Action names from the Referrer Uri?

There's a lot of information for building Uris from Controller and Action names, but how can I do this the other way around?

Basically, all I'm trying to achieve is to get the Controller and Action names from the referring page (i.e. Request.UrlReferrer). Is there an easy way to achieve this?

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I think this should do the trick:

// Split the url to url + query string
var fullUrl = Request.UrlReferrer.ToString();
var questionMarkIndex = fullUrl.IndexOf('?');
string queryString = null;
string url = fullUrl;
if (questionMarkIndex != -1) // There is a QueryString
    url = fullUrl.Substring(0, questionMarkIndex); 
    queryString = fullUrl.Substring(questionMarkIndex + 1);

// Arranges
var request = new HttpRequest(null, url, queryString);
var response = new HttpResponse(new StringWriter());
var httpContext = new HttpContext(request, response)

var routeData = RouteTable.Routes.GetRouteData(new HttpContextWrapper(httpContext));

// Extract the data    
var values = routeData.Values;
var controllerName = values["controller"];
var actionName = values["action"];
var areaName = values["area"];

My Visual Studio is currently down so I could not test it, but it should work as expected.

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