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jQuery Question

How to reference ID of DIV sending JavaScript call?

If I have:

<div id="selectbox" onclick="selectme();">

And if I call:

function selectme()
var divselection=$(this);

I can't reference
. What's the best way of referencing back to the div without having to passing it through as a variable?

Answer Source

You can't. You have 3 possibilities:

  1. Pass it as argument: onclick="selectme(this);"
  2. Fetch it by id:

    function selectme() {
        var divselection = $('#selectbox');
  3. Not mix markup and javascript and attach the onclick handler unobtrusively:

    <div id="selectbox">

    and then in a separate javascript file:

    $(function() {
        $('#selectbox').click(function() {
            var divselection = $(this);  
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