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Python Question

Return dictionary reference from function in python2.7

I want to return the reference of a dictionary from a function instead of the entire dictionary itself. The dictionary is declared globally.

dict_1 = {
'1': "value 1",
'2': "value 2"

dict_2 = {
'1': "value 100",
'2': "value 200"

def get_relevant_dict(value):
if(value == 1):
return dict_1
elif(value == 2 or value == 3):
return dict_2

Currently, when I call the
function, it returns the dictionary instead of the reference. For example,


prints an output

{'1': "value 1",'2': "value 2"}

instead of a location.

How do I get it to return the reference?

Answer Source

I guess you are making assumption on python based on other langages, like C++.

Somehow, in your code, you already are passing "references", as you get the same object, poiting to the same memory address :

# 140246205511672
# 140246205511672
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