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TensorFlow: How do I release a model without source code?

I am using Tensorflow + Python.

I am curious if I can release a saved Tensorflow model (architecture + trained variables) without detailed source code. I'm aware of

, but it looks to save only variables, and in order to restore/run them, a user needs to "define" the same architecture.

For the testing/running purpose only, is there a way to release a saved {architecture+trained variables} without source code, so that a user can just cast a query and get a result?

Answer Source

The TensorFlow Serving project is intended to make this use case straightforward (assuming that the end user is only using the model for inference, not training). TensorFlow Serving includes an Exporter class that takes your tf.train.Saver, the tf.GraphDef that defines your overall model, and a "signature" that describes the inputs to and output from your model.

The basics tutorial has a good introduction to exporting your model.

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