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Crashlytics distribution with multiple flavors

I have multiple

and trying to distribute them separately using
Beta Distribution

productFlavors {
applicationId 'com.example.appOne'
manifestPlaceholders = [ appName: "AppOne", fabricApiKey: "AppOne APi Key"]
applicationId 'com.example.appTwo'
manifestPlaceholders = [ appName: "AppTwo", fabricApiKey: "AppTwo APi Key"]


android:value="${fabricApiKey}" />

I have created two different organizations, built apps based on
and they are successfully added to the organizations. However distribution icon is being hidden in
appOne flavour
while working fine for
appTwo flavor
(as shown below):

Enter image description here

I have also tried the old way (generating
) without any success: Link 1 and Link 2.

Is there a way that I can distribute multiple apps based on

Answer Source

I dont know what was the reason however contacting fabric support team managed to solve it. It looked liked somehow the beta distribution was not being enabled without accepting some terms (which somehow was not being shown on my app).
Anyway they provided me a link which redirected me to those terms. Accepting them enabled Beta Distribution for both of the apps

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