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Android Question

APP_PLATFORM is ignored

I am getting the following error:

Android NDK: WARNING: APP_PLATFORM android-24 is larger than android:minSdkVersion 8 in jni/../AndroidManifest.xml

when executing:
ndk-build -C src/main/

but APP_PLATFORM is set to 8:

⋊> ~/g/gobandroid-ai-gnugo on master ⨯ cat src/main/jni/ 15:22:57
APP_PROJECT_PATH := $(call my-dir)/..

APP_MODULES := gnuGo-3.8
APP_OPTIM := release
APP_BUILD_SCRIPT := $(call my-dir)/project/
APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a x86 mips x86_64 mips64 arm64-v8a
APP_PLATFORM := android-8

Answer Source

The android-8 platform appears to have been obsoleted by the NDK developers. It's not available in r12-beta1, nor in r13-beta1. The oldest available platform in these releases of the NDK is android-9.

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