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Angular js: spliting date,month and time using angular filter

I am trying to split up date,month (in words) and time from a timestamp in a


$ = new Date(;

In my view am using angular filter

<div ng-repeat="note in notes">
Date: {{ | date:'dd'}}
Month:{{ | date:'mm'}}

This works fine ,but i need two more additional things

1.Month is in words eg: (March)

2.Time parameter eg:2 pm

Is it possible with angular filter?

Sample timestamp

Answer Source

For Month, you can filter it by using the following:

Month:{{ | date: 'MMMM'}}

Time can be filtered in two ways depending on how you want to format:

Time:{{ | date: 'hh a'}}


Time:{{ | date: 'h a'}}

Here's a link to the documentation on date filtering.

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