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Python Question

How do I make one item in a list == to an item in another list?

For example, I am trying to be able to have the user input a province like "alberta" and then have it display "AB" to the user. Or the other way around. I can only use lists. (The instructor mention something about "parallel lists"?) I am just a beginner, but this is what I tried...

def lists (province, abrev):
userInput = input("Enter Province or Abreviation: ")
province = ["alberta", "nova scotia", "british columbia"]
abrev = ["AB", "NS", "BC"]
for ab in range(len(province)):
if province["alberta"] == abrev["AB"]:
if userInput == province:
def main():



Answer Source

You can use zip() to join two lists together.

province = ["alberta", "nova scotia", "british columbia"]
abrev = ["AB", "NS", "BC"]

userInput = input("Enter Province or Abreviation: ")

for prov,ab in zip(province,abrev):
    if userInput == prov:
    elif userInput == ab:

Alternatively you can use dictionaries. With this method you have a key and a value

province_dict = {'NS': 'nova scotia', 'BC': 'british columbia', 'AB': 'alberta'}

If you want to lookup what state has the abbreviation 'AB' then you would do


Since you are dealing with user input you should use


This will return 'Unknown' if the item is not found in the dictionary rather than raising a KeyError.

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