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Set the length of a model field to a length of 5

I am using Django and I want to set one of my fields in my database to only allow numbers that are 5 integers long. I found max_length, is there a length?

Here is my code

zip_code = models.IntegerField(max_length=5)

Is there a way to

zip_code = models.IntegerField(length=5)

Force user to enter 5 numbers.

Answer Source

It doesn't make sense to use max_length with an IntegerField.

If you are storing zip codes, it would be better to use a CharField, so that you can store zip codes that begin with zero.

CharFields do not have a min_length option, but Django does have a MinLengthValidator. However, it would be simpler to use a RegexValidator, then you can use a regex to allow only digits, and check that the input is exactly 5 digits long.

zip_code = models.CharField(max_length=5, validators=[RegexValidator(r'^[0-9]{5}$')])

Another option would be to use the USZipCodeField from django-localflavor.

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