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Android O : PHONE_STATE broadcast limitation

I have been trying to do something similar to truecaller app, where my app is supposed to show a screen after a call gets hung up. Was achieving this by registering

implicit broadcast in the

But it is not working if I change the app to target Android O, because of the Android O broadcast limitation, and I'm trying to figure out an alternative solution to this use case.

Alternative solutions suggested in android docs:
Job scheduler
or register a

Job scheduler: Because of the
Job scheduler
optimizations there will be some delay to receive the callback. So it will affect the user experience if our app screen is shown a few min after the phone call and polling to check for new call logs every few seconds causes battery drain issue.

Register service with context in Java: I want the behavior to work even if the app is not active or alive. This will not work if the system kills the

Register a Foreground Service: This requires a notification to be shown to the user all the time, which would be spam the user, and running a service 24/7 consumes lots of resources which defeats the whole purpose of broadcast limitation.

Please suggest an alternate solution so that the user experience remains the same.

Thanks in advance

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As there is NO proper solution to read the PHONE_STATE from Android O. The best alternative we can go for is to trigger a job on new call log entry from the content provider. By this, the behaviour is maintained of showing a screen(with a few sec of delay) after the call ends.

NOTE : The disadvantage is we cannot get the state of the phone call(Ringing or off_the_hook etc.,). The call back will only be received after the new call log has been added to the System DB.

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