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Swift Question

Why can I not print an enum's case name in Swift 3?

I have a enum in Swift 3, I can print its name using following code:

enum definition

public enum Foo : Int {
case F1

following code will get
in console


But when I try to print enums defined in Charts

I can only get
in console


Why is that?

Answer Source

Because the enum is declared as @objc. In Legend.swift:

public enum HorizontalAlignment: Int
    case left
    case center
    case right

Try it yourself, add @objc in front of your Foo enum and you will see that Foo is printed. While I'm not exactly sure why this happens, it's likely it's due to the way @objc changes an enum's debug description. An @objc enum prints its type, while a Swift enum prints its case.

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