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Javascript Question

How to implement Admob into Ionic?

I followed the instructions of this post:
AdMob not loading ads in ionic/angular app

When I run the app via "ionic build ios && ionic emulate ios" I get no ads, no black bar nothing.

What did I miss?


Answer Source

You can follow the instructions at,-Ionic-apps:

  • Install the plugin as usual (see here):

    ionic plugin add cordova-admob
  • Include the following script in your index.html (just it, no need to copy any file: the plugin is in charge to copy the script when the app is prepared):

    <script src="lib/angular-admob/angular-admob.js"></script>
  • Call AdMob from your Ionic app.

Here is a quick example:

var app = angular.module('myApp', ['admobModule']);

app.config(['admobSvcProvider', function (admobSvcProvider) {
  // Optionally you can configure the options here:
    publisherId:          "ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/BBBBBBBBBB",  // Required
    interstitialAdId:     "ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/IIIIIIIIII",  // Optional
}]);['admobSvc', function (admobSvc) {
  // Also you could configure the options here (or in any controller):
  // admobSvcProvider.setOptions({ ... });

  // You could also call admobSvc.createBannerView(options);

  // Handle events:
  $rootScope.$on(, function onAdOpened(evt, e) {
    console.log('adOpened: type of ad:' + e.adType);
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