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table with json data from angularjs

I have two json file I want to generate a dynamic table using anything like angularjs/jquery. I tried angularjs ng-repeat but not succeed.

first JSON

$scope.myHospital = [{"name":"hos1"}, {"name":"hos2"},{"name":"hos3"},{"name":"hos4"},{"name":"hos5"}];

Second JSON

$scope.data = [
"category":"first category",


And I want a table like this. Is it possible then please provide me a solution or if not then what changes required in my JSON to achieve this.Thanks
enter image description here

Answer Source

You can have nested ng-repeat in order to achieve this. Assuming first hospital price maps to hos1, you can do something like this,

  <tr ng-repeat="(hosIndex, hos) in myHospital">
    <td width="100px" ng-bind="hos.name"></td>
    <td width="100px" ng-repeat="pro in data[0].procedure" 


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