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Typescript Metronome

I'm trying to build a metronome with Typescript (and Angular 2).
Thanks, to @Nitzan-Tomer (Typescript Loop with Delay), who helped me with the basics.

Now I'm facing the issue, that after I started the metronome, I'm not able to change the interval. Imagine a slider, changing the speed between the sounds (=> interval).

let theLoop: (i: number) => void = (i: number) => {
setTimeout(() => {
if (--i) {
}, 3000);


The interval here is 3000. And I want to be able to change it, after the function was triggered. (Maybe also get rid of the
i: number
? Because it shouldn't just play the metronome-sound 10 times...

I thought of a class? But I'm not sure how to build it...

Answer Source

Here's a simple class to do it:

class Metronome {
    private interval: number;
    private timer: number;

    constructor(interval = 3000) {
        this.interval = interval;

    start(): void {

    stop() {

    setInterval(interval: number) {
        this.interval = interval;

    private tick() {
        // do something here
        this.timer = setTimeout(this.tick.bind(this), this.interval);

(code in playground)

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