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C# Question

How do I use SELECT GROUP BY in DataTable.Select(Expression)?

I try to remove the duplicate rows by select a first row from every group.
For Example

PK Col1 Col2
1 A B
2 A B
3 C C
4 C C

I want a return:

PK Col1 Col2
1 A B
3 C C

I tried following code but it didn't work:

DataTable dt = GetSampleDataTable(); //Get the table above.
dt = dt.Select("SELECT MIN(PK), Col1, Col2 GROUP BY Col1, Col2);

Answer Source

DataTable's Select method only supports simple filtering expressions like {field} = {value}. It does not support complex expressions, let alone SQL/Linq statements.

You can, however, use Linq extension methods to extract a collection of DataRows then create a new DataTable.

dt = dt.AsEnumerable()
       .GroupBy(r => new {Col1 = r["Col1"], Col2 = r["Col2"]})
       .Select(g => g.OrderBy(r => r["PK"]).First())
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