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AngularJS Question

Ionic 2 and ng-model

I truly feel as an early adopter because Google couldn't find a way to fix my issue :)

I'm somehow getting this error:

Can't bind to 'ng-model' since it isn't a known native property

I don't see @Component in Ionic, so the page is configured like this:

import {Page, NavController} from 'ionic-framework/ionic';
templateUrl: 'app/home/home.html',
directives: [Select]

and my template is this:

<ion-input floating-label>
<ion-label>Search text...</ion-label>
<input type="text" [(ng-model)]="searchInput" />

I'm using Ionic 2.


Answer Source

In Angular 2, you should use ngModel in the template, and not ng-model.

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