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Javascript Question

Password strength regex with numbers

I'm working on a strength password test, and I'm trying to check if the password has upper, and lower, case characters. I'm using two regular expressions, and they're almost working; with the code just here:

var upper = false;
var lower = false;
var upperCase= new RegExp('[^A-Z]');
var lowerCase= new RegExp('[^a-z]');

if (password.match(upperCase )){
upper = true;
if (password.match(lowerCase)){
lower = true;

When I'm typing numbers, or just a digit, like "1", upper and lower become true.

I'm not really good with regex, did I made a mistake?

Answer Source

Take a look at the following which uses test to return a Boolean of whether the password contains an upper case and a lower case. You will see how it tests both regexes against various passwords.

    var upperCase= new RegExp('[A-Z]');
    var lowerCase= new RegExp('[a-z]');

function test(password) {
    return [ upperCase.test(password), lowerCase.test(password)];


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