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Implementing a horizontal compass on the iPhone - algorithm?

A horizontal compass looks something like this if you are facing due East (90 degrees).


If you were facing due 355 degrees northwest, it would look like this:


As you turn the compass, the number should cycle from 0 -> 360 -> 0

So, my question is, how would you implement a view like this on the iPhone? I had a couple of ideas:

  1. Make one long image with all numbers
    and tick marks, and shift it
    left/right when the compass heading

  2. Create pieces of the view as tiles
    and append them when the compass
    heading changes.

  3. Create a line of tick marks that
    shifts with the compass heading, and
    just write numbers on it as needed.

How would you attack this problem? Im mainly looking for algorithmic advice, but if you ave code or pseudo-code to demonstrate, that would be helpful too.

Answer Source

Option one is the easiest. Keep in mind that you can composite part of an image to deal with the wrap-around.

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