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Restkit json error response msg from server

I have used many hours on how to solve this issue. Im using Restkit 0.9.3 with Object Mapping 2.0. All data is in JSON. I can make GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operations correctly, it's the response body I dont catch and map corretly..

So my problem is that my restful api is returning errors when something goes wrong. I want to map those errors with restkit, fx this error is returned:

"code": "401",
"message": "Unauthorized"

How do I map this json correct? I have tried lots of things and could use some guideness - or please give an example of this.

Answer Source

For version 0.10.0 this response error can be mapped as follows:

RKObjectMapping *errorMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[RKErrorMessage class]];
[errorMapping mapKeyPath:@"message" toAttribute:@"errorMessage"];
[[[RKObjectManager sharedManager] mappingProvider] setErrorMapping:errorMapping];

Requests that return an error will call the following delegate method:

- (void)objectLoader:(RKObjectLoader *)objectLoader didFailWithError:(NSError *)error {
    NSArray *errorMessages = [[error userInfo] objectForKey:RKObjectMapperErrorObjectsKey];
    RKErrorMessage *errorMessage = [errorMessages objectAtIndex:0]; // First and only object in your case.
    NSString *message = [errorMessage errorMessage];
    NSInteger code = [[objectLoader response] statusCode];
    NSLog(@"ERROR: [%d] %@", code, message); // => ERROR: [401] Unauthorized
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