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Swift Question

index out of range array swift

i get error index out of range in array

here's my code

.response { request, response, _, error in
self.localPath = destination(NSURL(string: "")!, response!)
cell.progressDownload.hidden = false
cell.progressLabel.hidden = false

if statusInstantiante == true {
let mainStoryBoard:UIStoryboard = UIStoryboard(name: "Main", bundle: nil)
let vc:RedirectMagazineViewController = mainStoryBoard.instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier("NEXT") as! RedirectMagazineViewController

vc.receiveData = self.localPathArray[indexPath.row] //Error
vc.receiveTitle = titleMagazine[indexPath.item]

self.navigationController?.pushViewController(vc, animated: true)
} else {
print("still downloading")

I Download pdf file using alamofire download, and get the path (localPath) and append it to localPathArray. the build succeded and can download completely but if i want to view the pdf file it prints index out of range.

Answer Source

Just wrap your line into something like this:

if (self.localPathArray.count > indexPath.row) {
   //this condition ensures that your will not request an index that does not exist in the array
   vc.receiveData = self.localPathArray[indexPath.row]
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